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Photoshop edits: Cover page

margins1. I started to design my front cover after adjusting each sides margins equally. I added my selected masthead on top of the page, I also changed the characters tracking space. This made the masthead pop out more, and cover the space on both the sides. I also wanted the masthead to be on top of the dogs head,conventionally mastheads are behind the image making the model stand out more, but since Pawsh’ is be a bit tricky to read immediately, I wanted it to stand out even more. The color which I selected for my Masthead is dark orange, it isn’t a bright vibrant color which actually works with my cover image.

headline2. I added a strip just under the masthead, this indicates what the magazine is about. I made the strip by using the rectangle tool, and used Times new roman in Caps for the font type. I later changed the blending mode to make it transparent so that the text can stand out against the black background.

ellipse tool circle added the fold to the circle

3. To make the puff I used the ellipse tool and made a circle. I added the drop shadow to the circle and the fold to make it look realistic. The color however matches with the masthead this is because I wanted both of them to draw the same attention, as the rest of the color scheme of the cover page varies with different colors.


ddd4. I added the cover lines, on both the sides. The main cover line was placed right in front, for the readers attention to go first. I broke the convention by using white for the main cover line and added drop shadow to it, this gave a completely different look to my magazine.

For rest of the cover lines i followed the codes and convention of every other magazine. On the right two cover lines are shown, a ‘+’ sign is to indicate what else is offered in the same issue with relatively same importance.

The word ‘pawsh exclusive’ on the left side of the page shows whats new and important in this issue. I made a box and used a lighter shade of brown for the text to stand out, for more exaggeration I again the bend mode. The colors go very well with the cover image.

The puff states whats important, the exclamation mark, immediately after the word,’win’ strikes attention and the color white again complements the orange background.

 However, the cover line ‘solution to training your dog’, Is in black and green, two completely different colors from the rest. I created the emphasis the three words more which were in green, this states their importance and I also made the text larger in size, and changed the font bold.


ll5. To draw extra attention to the magazine, another puff is given to show whats free from this issue. The bold yellow font makes it stand out even more. After making the box I changed the stroke type to make it look exclusive.

The bar code was added on the right hand side in vertical position to make space for the rest of the text on the cover page.

IMG_693367The final look of the cover page




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Photoshop edits: Spread

spread1. The spread needed some changes, I wanted to extend the background of the image so it bleeds into the other page because this way the emphasis will be on the dog even more after the text/paragraphs are added.

Capture.PNGkkkk2. For the background to cover the area above the picture I used the clone stamp tool, by selecting a specific area by ( Alt + select ) and paste to another area where I wanted to colon it, before doing this I had to rasterized the layer of the picture.

The other picture of the dog which I placed between the two pages looked out of place so to make it blend in with the other page, I used the eraser tool (which is just below the clone tool), to blend the edges of the picture.

I also added the margins because I wanted my columns alignment to be exactly the same for each paragraph.

heading,define,3. After that I added the heading to the spread, this was in big and bold text because It’ll draw immediate attention to readers and it will tell what the article is about. Plus I placed it right next to the picture as it plays an important roll of working well with the picture.

headings done

4. The text right below the featured heading tells what the article is about, Its in capital because exactly after ‘read your breed’, people would want to know what breed has the magazine featured if the pictures aren’t enough to identify. And just below that I have given four words in bullet points, these words have strong meanings to them, which tells the reader that those fours words must define that specific breed. conventionally different colors would have been added to tell each lines important but I wanted to do that with different fonts, this gives the spread a completely different look to the heading and the sub heading.

For the text, ‘Breed of the month’, I made the circle by the Ellipse tool and changed the stroke type. After setting the color to green which complements the whole theme. I changed the blend mode by exact 75%, as I didn’t want it to completely fade away with the image behind it.


5. To start my article, I added the drop capital. Its conventionally used in every spread or article because it helps the readers’ eyes to find their way through the page. After adding the drop capital, I wanted the first column to align properly next to it, this was done by using the freeform pen tool.The column width and positioning was measured by the margins, because this helps the readability of each paragraph.

all text added, margins,paragraphing,the blue text
6. The image and the text were integrated accordingly to the font and its type size. The text highlighted over here is a sentence taken out from the paragraph, it is used to draw attention to the article, the emphasis is created by changed the font size and color. It shows how interesting the article is.




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Photoshop edits: Final contents page


The final outcome of my Contents Page

new 3


new 2


new 1

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Selected Image for the double spread


After the photo shoot these two were the ones which came out the best after editing them a little. The mid shot of the dog in the first picture came out better than my previous shots, this is because the lighting is exposed, the focus is only on the dog while the background went out of focus giving all the emphasis on the dog, and it clearly follows the rule of thirds which i wanted to apply on my double spread. I edited and also removed the black lease.


The second picture however came our better than expected, as the dog was in motion I took a medium long shot of it playing with the ball, in bright day light, The picture is very centralized giving all the focus onto the dog and also the surrounding area.  I edited it, by giving it warmth.

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Rejected Images for Double Spread


For the double spread I had in mind to take a Mid shot of the dog, horizontally. Where the landscape/background can be also be seen surrounding the dog, telling its relation. However it was a bit challenging to take such pictures, as making the dog sit in direct sunlight was difficult and to even make it look directly into the camera. I rejected these two as the dog in one of the pictures has closed its eyes and in the other picture it looks completely lost. As well as the lease is very visible in these two pictures, which distract the attention away from the dog.

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Selected image for the front cover



This is my selected imagine for the front cover as this is very centralised and works well with my planning of the mockup because all the coverlines are going to spread out on the open sides and One main cover line in the very front. The dog has a very serious body language and this shows the importance itself of the magazine.

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